• School Facilities

    We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts, and talents.

List of School Facilities

The purpose-built campus has separate blocks for the students of the Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and Senior levels. Each block features a number of facilities designed to meet the specific requirements of the students.

Sports Facilities

Sports is a medium that leads to physical, mental and social development of children. Our school has adequate tools for indoor and outdoor games and training children through skilled trainers. Major sports include basketball, pool, badminton, volleyball, carom-board, table-tennis etc.

Activities & Cultural Programs

Activities and cultural programs are organized in the school by skilled teachers. For this, periodical debate, calligraphy, essay, dance, group song, fancy dress etc. competitions are held.

Yoga and Physical Training

Yoga is an art of living and with yoga we can remain healthy. Yoga is an important part of the school curriculum. Yoga and exercise are regularly practiced by a trained teacher.

Computer Lab

Our school is equipped with modern and advanced computers. There are enough systems available for each student. Through computer education we prepare students for modern society.

Library & Labs

The school has a beautiful library equipped with thousands of books for students.

The school has laboratories equipped with modern equipment for science, mathematics, environment and other subjects.

Music and Dance

Dance and music education is imparted to students interested in music and dance. Which children practice in Assembly and music class.

Electricity and Light

The school has electricity available round the clock. Solar systems have been installed to ensure that electricity is not interrupted. There is proper lighting in every classroom.

Sanitation & Cleanliness

Special care is taken for cleanliness in the school. The campus and every classroom is cleaned daily. Sanitation is done in the school from time to time. There is a system of pure water for drinking. Cold and hot water is available in winter and summer round the clock.

Security and CCTV Surveillance

The entire school campus and all classrooms are monitored at all times by CCTV cameras. And the information is kept of every person visiting the campus.
For fire protection, the entire school campus has been installed with the fire management system.

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